A short overview of the Saban history

Arowaks (Not one people but a langage group of
Ciboney, 2000 bC, Hueco•des, Salado•d, 300-200 bC
and maybe some Ostionids, Eleonids or Suazo•ds, but that is not likely
1000? 1500? Caribs
1640 1656 Netherlands (In 1656 by 57 Dutch (Zeeuwen) + 54 English / Scottish / Irish)
1656 Conquered by England and all Dutchmen deported to St. Maarten
1656 1672 Netherlands (only a few Dutch families returned to Saba to live there;
Vanterpool, Zagers, Heyligers)

1672 1679 England
1678 1781 Netherlands WIC (Zeeland)
1781 1784 England
1784 1795 Netherlands WIC
1795 1801 France
1801 1802 England
1802 1810 France
1910 1816 England
1816 2012 Netherlands

In total Saba (approx.) was "owned" by
Netherlands 345 years
England 18 years
France 14 years

In 1657 there has been published a vacancy for a civil servant who could speak english
(By the way: in almost all colonies over the whole world the Dutch
respected and used the language of that country

whereas France, England, Spain and Portugal forced their colonies to speak the language
of the colonists and also Gaelic almost disappeared in this way).

Saba has been owned by several countries but as a colony the island was too small
be economically really interesting and too unaccessible to play a strategic role either.

That is how it came that there was always little dominance by the colonizing coutries
and this explains why the people who lived on Saba felt quite independant
disliked for centuries too much influence of any nation,

Dutch, English or French.
(The Scottish and Irish themselves were actually colonized by the English)

Saban inhabitants regardless whether they had originally Dutch, English, Irish or Scottish or other roots -
wanted to have their own say over their own island as much as possible.

This explains also a balance between the languages dutch and english
this mutual understanding and acceptation, this sometimes fragile harmony should be maintained.

Saba, 2012-11-24
Here also a map of the period of the Caribbeans



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